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Jonathan Salem

Jonathan Salem is a hospitality veteran. From age twelve, Salem grew up in restaurants  in his native Brazil.  The family business stuck, and the passion to take the service industry to new streamlined, professional heights led him to a fulfilling path in his United States-based businesses.  For five years, he owned his own restaurant and realized quickly that the industry was in need of the same quality he offered in other services, specifically commercial cleaning.  Cleaning and Sanitizing for serve-safe and beyond as well as with the added compliances during a post-Covid world, led Salem to be one of the Founding officers of Neat Freaks.

For over a decade, he has partnered with leaders in the industry and systematized the level of service and catering to the hospitality field that only a fellow owner can understand.  Neat Freaks was born of a shared vision of excellence focused on providing the best clean available beyond hospitality to both residential and commercial interests.

Lazaro Diaz

Cuban born Lazaro Diaz, moved to the states at twenty years old.  Understanding the business from his roots, Daz began working in a restaurant owned by his current business partner Jonathan Salem.  Always one to understand the intricacies and compliances of keeping things “Neat”, Diaz started implementing change and upgrades.   Diaz and Salem quickly recognized a shared interest in excellence and opportunity that far exceeded the single restaurant that they spent working in.

For over a decade, the two have created ventures to expand upon their visions as well as move into other verticals as well as perfect the ones they were in.  The latest iteration has been the evolution of Neat Freaks.  Thus, the start up has been over ten years in the making!


Two family men with big dreams. Looking to change the perception of the cleaning industry, locally and across the county.

Frank Villaroel

Project Manager Specialist

Frank Villaroel has been in the cleaning and hospitality logistics industry from the start.  A serial entrepreneur, Villaroel created and managed a Wast Management trucking business.  From there, being recognized as a resourceful, customer-service driven professional, he was recruited into the hospitality field and put in leadership roles where logistics and management were his day to day. Finding a passion in an open restaurant concept, Villaroel was able to follow his creative entrepreneurial model and open concept pop ups and breweries within various projects.  Now a valuable asset to Neat Freaks,  he is the gas pedal that keeps the vehicle running.

2 (1).png

Jamey Khal is another serial entrepreneur and the final partner in the Neat Freaks eco-system.  Not only does she handle all account management, she also runs the customer journey from start to finish.  Jamey has been in Hospitality, cleaning and organization for over a decade and brings a much needed aesthetic quality to the team.

Jamey provides a scalability factor, a standard of excellence and a great sense of humor with an attitude of optimization.  The process wouldn’t be the same without Khal, and the need for a collective standard is the winning step in the Neat Freak’s journey.

Jamey Khal

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